Our Firm

Albota Law Firm is a boutique law firm set up in May 2014.

Our aim is to offer premium specialized construction and real estate advice. We have the capabilities to assist our clients in all the areas connected to a real estate project: financing, real estate permitting and regulatory, corporate commercial, litigation and arbitration.

Our clients choose us because they appreciate the clarity of our advice, our focus on results, and the efficiency of the firm’s service, our fast reaction time, all at a very fair price.

The small size of the firm is a huge advantage as it eliminates formalism, it ensures the thorough involvement of a specialized partner in every project of the law firm, the close coordination of the team of lawyers and it guarantees a proper cost control.

The quality of the legal services derives from the firm’s market knowledge and excellent legal know-how.

During the last 14 years we have been involved in transactions standing as land marks for the real estate market in Romania and in significant international construction arbitrations.